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Successful partnership

Queen for Gelatine have been involved in a joint-venture with Beacon Commodities Ltd of England, over a number of years. In the last few years, Queen have moved into a purpose build modern factory on the outskirts of Cairo. The joint-venture between Sherif Helmy, Chairman of Queen, and Michael Haughton, Managing Director of Beacon Commodities Ltd has grown over many years and involves regular meetings and factory visits in Egypt. Queen have been involved in the production of animal glues for many years and into 2008 moved in their first factory. Within 4 years the business had out-grown the capacity of that factory and a second purpose built factory was constructed, where they now manufacture blended animal glues, made from both hide glue and bone glue. The factory can manufacture any type of glue from 165 bloom up to 600 bloom. These can be specially blended to suit specific industries and specifications. The production is controlled by Queen for Gelatine and the sales/marketing/finance by Beacon Commodities Ltd, ( Read More

Successful partnership

Jelly Glue Why Jelly Glue ?

  • Quality Control
  • Edible Gelatin
  • Industrial gelatin
  • Jelly Glue
  • Recycled hard capsule
  • we have a strong quality control mangment that enables us to have the best quality by using  our professional  laboratory

             we ensure our specifications according to Bloom ,Viscosity and microbiology  

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  •   Edible Gelatin

         Gelatin Uses in food industries as:

               -Dairy products

               -Canned meat

               -Soup and sauces


               -Sweet and gums



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  • Industrial Gelatin

    This is a technical grade of gelatin made in Egypt of cow skin. It is ideal for use in glue.

    Gelatin glue is graded and sold by its Bloom Value or Bloom strength. Bloom value is a measurement of the strength of a gel formed by a 12.5% solution of the glue that has been kept in a constant temperature bath at 10 C for 18 hours. A device called a Texture Analyzer or Bloom gelomater is then used to measure the weight in grams required to depress a standard plunger 4 millimeters into the gel. If this procedure requires 200 grams, then the glue is a 200-bloom value glue. Glue is also tested for its viscosity at this same 

    12.5 % concentration. A standard viscosity range is associated with each bloom level

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  • Jelly glue is a “thermosetting” adhesive – at room temperature it is a “gel” and at application temperature 140°F - 150°F (60؛C - 66؛C) it is a sticky liquid. One surface to be bonded is coated with hot jelly glue and then combined with the other surface; when the temperature drops, the bond forms. An animal glue is an adhesive that is created by prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue. These protein colloid glues are formed through hydrolysis of the collagen from skins, bones, tendons, and other tissues, similar to gelatin. These proteins form a molecular bond with the glued object.

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  • This is a technical grade of gelatin made in Egypt from the recycled hard capsules. It have a great adhesive power. It enters many stages that is responsible to change the hard capsules into gelatin that have a Bloom Value varies from 350 to 450 and a viscousity from 100 to 140 mp/sec 

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